Writers and Writing

Daily Writing Tips

Here are some possibilities for PUBLISHING YOUR WRITING, with selected examples:

o Rainy Day Corner Writer's Markets. For writers 8-21. Also in print.
o Poetry Post. Ongoing. Work must be submitted by teachers.
o Kids Bookshelf. Students 17 years of age and younger may send in their original short stories and poems to be published on this site. All entries should be written in English with correct spelling and grammar. You must have your teacher's permission to send in your work.
o KidAuthors.com.This site publishes student poetry and stories.
o Book Hooks.Publish book reviews online.
o KidPub. This site, a great resource to publish student work, contains over 40,000stories from kids.
o Kids on the Net Have a story about monsters? You can now submit your monsters to the Monster Motel.
o KidPub Publisher of Stories, Books, Poetry, and More For Kids, By Kids KidPub Press can also pubish your book and market it on Amazon.com and our own KidPub Bookstore. To find out how, read our publishing guide.
o Teen-Author Kid Pub’s site for teens.
o The Secret Life of Boys (The SLOB). New (Spring, 2002) e-zine based in New Zealand, exclusively for boys up to 14.
      • About Teens. An online magazine for teens. Includes funny photos, jokes and humor, short stories and book reviews. Submit your own work for publication on this site only.
      • Cyberteens. Owned by Able Minds, Inc. Humor and upbeat articles receive special attention.
      • Midlink Magazine. By kids from 8 to 18. Invites participation on specific themes. Has won many online awards.
      • Teen Ink. Teen Ink's monthly print magazine, daily website and new book series are all written by teens for teens. Publishes essays, short stories, reviews, interviews, poetry, art and photography, and have published more than 25,000 teens since 1989.
      • Crunch. Here is a safe online outlet to publish your students' written work. Students are invited to share their opinions on this e-zine. The editors provide the topics and the guidelines, and students write reviews, poetry, or stories.

      • Cicada Magazine. A literary magazine for teenagers and young adults, from the Cricket Magazine Group.
      • The Concord Review. The first and only journal in the world for the academic work of secondary students of history, has published students in 38 states and 25 other countries. Essays average 5,000 words. Published essays are considered for the Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize.
      • Merlyn's Pen. Students in grades 6-12 may submit writing. Art is not considered. Submissions are considered for both Merlyn's Pen Magazine and the American Teen Writer Book Series. Fewer than 1% of all submissions are selected for publication.
      • Rainy Day Corner Writer's Guidelines. For writers 8-21. Also online (see below).
      • Skipping Stones: A Multicultural Magazine. An award-winning, international magazine, celebrating ecological and cultural diversity. Young readers and contributors of Skipping Stones, ages 8 to 16, hail from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.
      • Stone Soup Magazine. For students to age 13. Looking for "works that will inspire our readers to excel". High standards. Selects 50 stories and 10 poems a year. $
      • The Writers' Conference. Publishes The Writing Slate, a magazine that publishes original poetry and prose from students enrolled in grades K-12. Three issues per year are printed with one devoted to publishing winners of the writing contests.
      • Young Voices Magazine. Quarterly magazine. Highly competitive. Takes up to 3 months to receive a reply. $