We're Going Green! Shouldn't Your School Go Green Too?

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On February 17th, we sparked our interest in the environment with a videoconference with a Gifted and Talented 7th and 8th grade class from Texas. There project and videoconference with us was being judged as part of the KC3 Kids Creating Community Content Competition. Here is a link of the video that was recorded of both or our schools during the videoconference competition.

The students' project descrived the steps that the GT class took to "Green" their school. This project extended into the community to help them be aware and help "Green" not only their school but also their town. The students demonstrated easy steps that can be used globally and can help protect our Earth. Progr
am Summary: "We're going Green" wass created so that other students across the world are informed on how they can help "Green" their schools. From tracking the teacher's use of electricity, recycling in the cafeteria, and picking up trash around campus there are many ways you can help your school become Earth friendly.

This is the webpage that the 7th and 8th grade GT students created to promote their "Going Green" school-wide project. It certainly ives us inspiration for helping our school "Go Green TOO!"

Listen to our Podcasts about hear what we learned, thought and

WHAT WE NOW PLAN TO DO TO GO GREEN here at East Vincent.

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How Green Will We Go?

Go Green Idea #1 Go Gree Ideas.wav

Go Green Idea #2 Go Green Ideas 2.wav

Go Green Idea #3 Go Green Ideas #3.wav

During the videoconference we participated and took notes using Etherpad- a collaborative writing tool. Take a look at everything we learned!

I wonder what they will ask us about what we know if they do?
Will they ask us questions?
Will they talk about recycling or picking up trash or possibly somthing else?
Will they talk about pollution?
Will they ask us to ask our parents to recycle more?I wonder what the 7th and 8th graders will say about going green?
Will they talk about the poulution problem thats in the world that we canhelp just in our school!
green magizine
projectgood/bad teacher ticketsrecycle milk jugs at lunchpick up trash aroud enviormenttrash turkystart recycleing rangers I think we all should do our part.What do they mean by 'going green'?What will they do about poleution?What does it mean to go green?How do we go green?Where does the word 'green' come from?How will people recycle more?What can we do to go green?how do you 'go green'?How do people 'go green'? {{Guess it does have to do the enviorment.watt watchers program to help go green.green magizene paper about going green.have tickets to reward or to tell them to go green.h ow could we help poloutoin?recicaling milk jugs to help.
going greenused energy graphcare and recycleGT website http://deleon.region14.net/webs/bmurphree/gt_going_green.htm giving tickets(good and bad)to teachers who either use electricity wisely or unwiselyWhat can we do?giving good and bad tickets to tachers save or dont sve energysaving energy with the heat and air conditioningplastic and paper bags are killing land and sea animalsS TAY AWAY from plastic bags at storeslook at websites that help you learn about the enviorment. it helps.people dont recycle because they dont care, they think it is too much work and they just are too lazy to participate.pick up trash and go to recycling places to learn and participate about it.biggest chalenge with recycling os spreading the word and trying to get people to do it. {{And the obvius RECYCLE!Help the plants! that is going green! what will they do with the decorations once they are done using them?l making crafts out of recycled items ook at their website to get to their school websiteThose people should thinwatchers!Yelling at teachers! k more about the enviorment!Collect broken cellphones should be brought to radioshak!NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!Thats good!My favorite was the wattThe crats are so cool to do them for Easter!!!!!!!!!!!! What IS ok to throw away?Use hot water as least as possible!Seems recycling is the head going green thing!We should do more eco-friendly things.A LOT MORE ECO-FREINDLY THINGS!one computer!NOW THAT is going green!A tree nursary.}}}}they like to play football. {{they have about one computer in each class room and that is the teacher's computers.it is 1:55 there when it is 2:55 now.}}