Would you like to share your tech skills and help bring technology literacy to all students and teachers?


a student team to help teachers with new technology tools, offer tech support and technology integration projects.

  • Prepare How-To Guides
  • Share Tech Wizard Wednesday Tips
  • Create Screencast Tutorials
  • Teach and Help Others
  • And Even More!

Check out the DigiTeen Dream Team and let your imagination soar!

Check out the Techie Team's Wiki and let your imagination run wild with the possibility of a collaborative effort.

Let's Get Started

  • Goal: Your goal is to produce a multimedia handbook about basic technology tools and digital citizenship for ISB elementary students.
  • Role: You are a team of student Tech Wizards at East Vincent School.
  • Audience: Elementary students at East Vincent School, and around the world.
  • Situation: You will need to collaborate together to produce a thorough, easy to understand, screencast tutorial or multimedia tutorial wiki about how to use a specific technology tool.
  • Product/Performance: Your screencast or multimedia wiki must demonstrate everything a person will need to have learned about digital citizenship and basic technology tools this quarter.

Steps to Take

Step 1: Investigate
Explore different types tutorials and determining what the criteria are for a quality tutorial. Watch at least 2 other tutorials from the list below (or a different tutorial that is found and shared with the class):

For each tutorial you watch, add a response to the Wikispace discussion forum answering the following questions:
  • What did the creator of this tutorial do well?
  • What would you change about this tutorial?
  • What aspects of this tutorial would you like to include in your own tutorial?

Step 2: Review
Review the everyone's answers to the questions. Create a class list of criteria for a good tutorial

Step 3: Plan
Join a group and select a tutorial topic to create based on the tutorials we needed

Step 4: Plan Storyboard
Create a storyboard and script of your tutorial, keeping in mind all of the quality tutorial criteria we identified. FOCUS on: making the tutorial understandable by anyone (even people who are not in our class), using simple and clear directions, including a basic introduction and credits, and changing the view and “zoom” on the screen to keep the tutorial interesting. Once the storyboard and script is finished, posted it on your individual blog along with a reflection on this part of the project.

Step 5: Create
Spend a little bit of time exploring with the SmartNotebook SmartRecorder after watching this tutorial created by Matt, and then got right down to the recording.
Aside from some serious Windows-related drama about recording volume (oh how I miss working in a Mac lab), it really only took one lesson for the students to record their complete screencast.
lf extra features are wanted, bring your screencast into MovieMaker and add the finishing touches. With introductions and credits, add background music.

Step 6: Evaluate
As yout finish your tutorial, complete a peer assessment based on the quality tutorial criteria.With feedback from other, edit and fix any issues with their completed tutorial. Upload your finished tutorial to SchoolTube, embedded it in our LearningHub and reflected on their finished product.