As you work with online projects, you will need to follow these basic guidelines to stay safe:

  • Never give out personal information--such as your full name (first names only are best), home phone number or home address.
  • Do not post or give out your family name, password, user name, email address, home address, school name, city, country or other information that could help someone locate or contact you in person. You may share your interests, ideas and preferences.
  • Do not post photos of yourself. It is against the district technology use policy.
  • Never share your user name or password with anyone besides your teachers and parents. Never log in as another student.
  • Treat any online project space as classroom space. Speech that is inappropriate for class is not appropriate for this wiki. You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner reflective of a representative of this school.
  • Be cautious about email messages from anyone, asking you for detailed personal information or attempting to arrange secret meetings. Talk with your parent or teacher immediately if this kind of situation arises.