It's almost October - Do you know where your submission for the National Gallery is?

The National Day on Writing will celebrate and spotlight one of humankind's most central and important activities - writing.Many groups across the nation are planning to promote writing by having people submit their work (one work per person per galery) to a new digital National Gallery of Writing ( ) which will open its doors on October 20 and stay open at least through May 2010.

Some of the Goals of the National Day of Writing include:

  • Represent any and all types of writing that people do in America today.
  • Show the importance and pervasiveness of writing in almost every American's daily life.
  • Fuel more writing and writing-related activities


Your Challenge?

Lead, Plan, Design, and Implement what the East Vincent School Community will do for the National Day on Writing.

Visit the NCTE National Day on Writing site for more information.