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So, Where is Here?
Our City Podcast is a podcast for kids and by kids. Students from around the globe are invited to submit a recording all about the city they live in (with the help of their teachers or parents). Learn about our TERRIFIC TOWNSHIP!

So, What's Happening Around Here?

The GIEP Podcast will provide the perfect venue to share all the interesting news around East Vincent and what you have learned.Pick from a variety of different possible episode topics and segments to highlight the best news, Plan, write, and record your script and then share it with others.

Hot of the press! Episode Two of the GIEP Vincent Podcast is officially here.

We worked collaboratively with West Vincent GIEP students to share and support each other with ideas on how to publish a great podcast articulating our new learning. This was our first attempt at going public with our own radio station. We happily share our work with you and hope you enjoy the episode. Stay tuned to the additional episodes coming in future months.

December Update:
A Holiday Segment of the GIEP Vincent Podcast is now available.

GIEP Vincent Podcast: Episode One


Planning Your Podcast A booklet created by Tony Vincent from Learning in Hand It takes you through the basics of finding, subscribing, and listening to podcasts. Then, learn step-by-step how to record and publish an audio podcast using free software. Our City Podcast Guide More planning pages to use to help you select your segments and write your script.

Check out our Podcast Planning Page to see what we are up to!