Let's Explore GPS Receivers

Learning the Basics of GPS

· GPS Webquest

· What is GPS? Brain Pop

· How GPS works? Launchpad: How GPS Works

· What are GPS receivers and how do they work? Geocaching Intro

· Geocaching in the News

· Important Vocabulary

Make a video, a podcast, a picture, a poem, a song or something else to tell us about what you have learned about the words GPS, longitude, latitude, and satellite; how your GPS unit works.

Introduction: Geocaching with the Garmin eTrex

· Demonstrate how to use the Garmin eTrex
· Student Practice using the Quick Start Checklist
· Student Geocaching: Puzzling Ideas

Introduction: Creating Way Points with the Garmin eTrex

· Demonstrate how to mark and name Waypoints
· Student Practice Marking Trees and Plants around the school property
· Student Download waypoints to Easy GPS

GPS Action Project

· Brainstorm Topics for Partner Action Projects
· Select Action Project
· Action Project Work: Create Geocache Clues
· Map route for GPS Action Project
· Mark and Name Waypoints and Hide Geocache Clues
· Download Waypoints to Easy GPS

GPS Action Project Implementation

· Create Project Teaser
· Demonstrate uploading to Google Earth

Send a Classroom Geocache

GPS Travel

Trackable Item

Using GPS
GPS Travel Project
Pocket GPS World