Hot Issue - Environment

obama 's issues for the enviorment- found at http; and at http; energy
  • Global warmng
  • All nations must act to reduce carbon
  • prohibitons against animal fighting
  • end nueclear storage
  • minority students recylcing program
  • promotes fuel efficent tecnolgy
  • 10% eletricity from renewable sources by 2012
  • trying to save the great lakes
Macain's issues for the inviorment-found at http;johnmaccain.comInforming/issues
  • clean car challenge(enviorment safe cars)
  • Maccain belives Alcohol Based fuels hold great promises
  • USA must become a leader in a new international Green Economy
  • Commit $2 billion annually to clean coal tecnology
  • 45 new nueclear power plants by 2030
  • encourages market for alternative low carbon fuels: wind,hydro, and solar
  • does not support windfall profits taxes