Question: My project was: why does a balloon pop???


I thought it would be caused by some sort of gas.

Internet Research:Balloons have air pressure and the air pressure in the balloon is pushing the rubber very hard with out tape. And the air pressure comes out so fast it makes a loud POP!!!


  1. I blew up a balloon and knotted it.
  2. I put a piece of tape on the balloon.
  3. I put a pin in the spot where the tape was.
  4. I blew up another balloon and knotted it.
  5. I took a pin and stabbed it.
I tried​ using a balloon with no tape on it and it made a loud POP!!! And then I tried it with tape on and it didn't pop for about 5 minutes


The ballon with a piece of tape did not pop. It slowly let the air out of the balloon and in about 5 minutes it ran out of air.

The balloon without a piece of tape popped very quickly and loudly.

Conclusions: What I Learned

I learned it is caused by air pressure! And that if you put tape on it will not make a popping noise. But air will come out slowly and in about 5 minutes it will run out of air.