Question: Why do ballons go crazy when you let them go?

Hypothesis:the ballon by will itself go's really fast and the balloon car will go sort of slow.

Internet Research:when I blew up the the balloon and let it go the balloon it flew everywhere but when I used the car the air in the balloon came out slowly in one direction and made the car moved slowly directly forward .

Experiment: To figure out that it could go where ever it wants but when you use the car it can only go out the tube.

Experiment 1: I blew up a balloon and then let it go.
Experiment 2: I attached a balloon to a tube which was taped to the base of a car. I blew up the balloon and let go.


Experiment 1:the car when't forward on the ground so it slows down.

Experiment 2: The balloon flew everywhere.

that it would come out where ever it wants but when it gos as the car can only go out the tube so it slows down.

Conclusions: What I Learned is when you let the balloon go the air is forced out but when you let it go the tube it can only go through the tube so it go's slower.