About LearningHub

Our Learning HUB is a wiki – short for a quick and easy web page that is able to be edited by anyone who has access to it. One of the best-known wikis is Wikipedia.

For a quick introduction to wikis, view this video which will give you a better understanding of how a wiki works.

Wondering about the SAFETY of our wiki?

LearningHUB is a Protected Wiki which will only allow members to edit the site. In any case, it is wise to reinforce and follow these safety guidelines with your family when working online:

  • Never give out personal information.
  • Do not post photos of yourself.
  • Never share your username or password.
  • Treat any online space as classroom space.
  • Be cautious.

New to our wiki?

Let's get you started with one “wiki page” introducing you to a fun project to try at home. Click on the side bar link to Hopes and Dreams to get started.